Exposure Trace+Tracer Ultra Bright USB Re-chargeable Light Set


Set of front and back super powerful, cable free, USB recharge lights. Perfect for road and commute.

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The Trace and TraceR features Optimum Mode Selector, offering 3 brightness modes and the choice of solid or pulsing beams. The Trace also has Fuel Gauge displaying the remaining battery life using a traffic light system to make it clear when it’s time to recharge. Excellent side visibility will make sure you’re safe and seen out on the ride.

Exposure Lights have always been designed to get the maximum light from minimum sized unit and Cable Free Design ensures this is maintained. Utilising superb brackets Exposure Lights attach quickly, safely and securely for hassle free riding.

The TraceR can also be mounted under the saddle using the Saddle Rail Bracket(Sold separately).

Optimised Mode Selector (OMS)
The Optimised Mode Selector allows you to easily select from a concise number of programs to optimise the burntime of your light.

Function button
3 colour Fuel Gauge indicator in side the lens operates as light is switched off.

Weatherproof Body
CNC machined aerospace grade aluminium body with efficient heat transfer design. Fully manufactured in the UK.

Top Features of the Exposure Trace Light Set

Weight: 78g
Power: Lithium Ion internal battery
Emitter: 1 XPG LED / 1 Red XPE LRD
Maximum lumen output: Trace 110 / TraceR 75
Minimum burn time (hours): 3
Maximum burn time (hours): 24
Bar mounted: yes
Helmet mounted: no
Seat post Mount: yes for TraceR
Reflex technology: no
SPT+: no
CFD: yes
ITM: no
OMS: yes
Fuel gauge: yes
USB charging: yes