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Look 566 Ultegra 10 Speed Road Bike

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The 566 is being improved this year and is adopting an all-new top tube. The tube boasts a wider section, which increases head tube lateral stiffness in order to improve steering precision. The bike therefore handles more precisely and enhances the rider’s sense of security on downhill runs. This new 566 therefore performs better. The rear brake sheath is integrated into the tube for more refined aesthetics.

The 566 boasts geometry which has also been designed to increase the feeling of comfort on the bike. The height of the head tube has been revised upwards whereas the frame length has been kept within standard values.
This geometry therefore provides a comfortable posture but will have no problem standing up to competition use. The slope angle has been increased in order to allow the seatpost to be extended to a great degree, which, combined with the 27.2 mm seatpost diameter, promotes comfort on the bike.