Sako7 Pro Solitude Cycling Socks


If you want to stand out in the crowd and still give your feet a maximum comfort, these unique socks are for you. Socks doping is on!

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Sako socks are a creation from Sean Sakinofsky, a DeFeet devotee based in Cape Town, South Africa. The name Sako7 socks comes from his nickname: Sako, his lucky number 7, and namely DeFeet® socks, which he is very passionate about. These socks are made in the DeFeet® Aireator model with a 6 inch cuff. So, for all those who like to ride ’em high, there is no doubt that these limited edition socks are for you.

Technically, as the ‘original air-flow design’, the Aireator is the sock that kicked off the air-flow rage years ago. Today, the Aireator still leads in durability, wicking, drying and air permeability.