Bike Fitting

Bike fit service

We use a Wattbike & Cyclops trainer with laser alignment tools for all our bike fits. All our bike fits are done by ex-Scottish Masters Mountainbike Champion Jonathan Buckley. The bike fit ensures the most comfortable ride possible with the maximum performance. During the bike fit we will set your saddle height and position, stem length, bar width and bar drop.

We also offer LOOK Keo cleat fitting service, getting your cleats in the best possible position for the rider is important to reduce the chance of experiencing knee problems in the future. The fitting determines the cyclists’ natural pedaling style and foot position for the most efficient and comfortable pedaling.

Bike Fits cost £100 with cleat fitting included in the price!

Bike fits are £50 when purchasing a bike from us.

All bike fits are by appointment. To book simply call us on 01506 873123