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Airfom 700 X 40-42C (size 7) Firm Insert 700X40-42C
Airfom 700 X 40-42C (size 7) Firm Insert 700X40-42C
GTIN: 4710484844262




No more flat tyres!
  • Without air in your tyres, how can you fall foul of thorns, nails and potholes?
  • Air Fom is a patent pending, multiple layer foam insert that is designed to give you the same feeling as air
  • By using high tech materials in a precision engineered structure, Air Fom simulates the pressure of an air-filled tire with the same dynamic ride that air gives
  • To be fitted by a qualified cycle mechanic
  • The Energy layer is what gives the Air Fom insert its incredible dynamic feel. Made from a high tech material that is fully recyclable, the energy layer can return up to 60% of the energy it receives in order to give you a fast ride experience with comfort and safety
  • The Energy layer also works exactly the same in temperatures from -30c to over 50c in order to give you all weather performance and the material in the energy has almost no compression set. Leave you bike parked for a month and roll it out for a ride, the energy layer rebounds instantly to give you a perfect ride every time
  • The Backbone gives the Air Fom insert the strength to take the big hits and come back for more. With its precision engineered shape and super lightweight, ultra-high density material the Backbone is key to a durable reliable ride experience
  • The Foundation is critical to allow the Air Fom insert to fit precisely (correct size selection required for your rim and tire) and to cushion the rider from impacts. Super lightweight materials that are also super durable make the foundation key to the performance of the backbone and the energy layer
  • Backbone and Foundation are one component in all 700C Air Fom products
  • The material in Air Fom is not cross linked and therefore it can be returned to a recycler or manufacturer of the raw material and it can be fully recycled back into its original form with no loss of properties. By riding on Air Fom for at least 2 years you will save the planet from many kilos of rubber waste in the form of discarded rubber tubes
  • Air Fom uses our secret proprietary lubricant called Bead Butter. Bead Butter reduces friction between alloy and rubber by 80%. Bead butter lubrication lasts 30-45 mins after application
  • Key to Easy Installation and Replacements
  • The mechanic can also use Bead Butter to unmount the tire bead to remove the Air Fom inserts. Bead Butter is key to the Air Fom technology and system
  • Bead Butter is fully organic, environmentally friendly and safe to handle. There is no issue with contact with skin and it is non-toxic
  • The size 9 insert is suitable for tyre widths of 45-47mm / internal rim widths of 21-23mm
  • Simulated air pressure for the soft insert is 45 PSI / 3.1 BAR
  • System Weight Rating 100KG
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