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Elite Prism Recycled Left Hand Side Entry OneSizeOnly Gloss Black/Green
Elite Prism Recycled Left Hand Side Entry OneSizeOnly Gloss Black/Green
GTIN: 8020775042847
MPN: BC81028

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  • Reducing environmental waste is a challenge that Elite's research team in Veneto Italy are always working on
  • To this end they have created a new process allowing them to use production waste from their factory to be reworked into strong, lightweight bottle cages, the Prism recycled is the first product to use this process
  • Made entirely from recycled waste material this robust side entry cage uses almost no virgin materials in its construction, making it a major step towards a low waste, circular production model
  • A compact, easy to use side-entry cage, ideal for full suspension mountain bike frames where storage space on the frame is at a premium
  • The prism's fully custom form factor uses an intricate, organic design to offer the best possible balance of strength, weight and security for off-road use
  • Glass reinforced construction is tough whilst allowing a great degree of freedom in the design process thanks to Elite's proprietary moulding technology
  • Available in both left and right-handed versions
  • Proudly designed and made in Italy
  • Weight: 48 grams +/- 5 %


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