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11SPD 11-28T
No Colour

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Sram Sram Pg1130 11 Speed Cassette: 11SPD 11-28T No Colour
Sram Sram Pg1130 11 Speed Cassette: 11SPD 11-28T No Colour
GTIN: 710845753350
MPN: FW1131128

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Your needs aren’t less demanding. They're different.

The new SRAM Rival 22 groupset delivers immense performance across a broad variety of bikes and disciplines. Paved or not. Cyclocross or triathlon. Road racing or unchartered journeys. Rival 22 provides the ergonomics, efficiency and technology for finely tuned cyclists to meet each challenge and expand their limits.

Dedicated cyclists’ demands are different - not less than - the pros. Their demands change and evolve with their riding and performance, whether they’re race ready or adventure ready. So why settle for a group that’s simply ratcheted-down to 75 percent of what the pros ride? Rival 22 delivers 100 percent of what cyclist’s demand.


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